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“Sustainable instruments” is founded to meet the evident gap in the market, of providing high quality dental instruments at a reasonable cost, without compromising on social or environmental compliance.

The founder and CEO of Sustainable Instruments, Syeda Ayesha Wadood, has an exceptional educational background. After completing her BSC (Honours) in Economics, from Lahore University of Management Sciences, she went on to pursue her dream of getting a Masters in Economics, from the University of Toronto (Canada) followed by her dream of getting a PHD degree. She is currently working on her PHD dissertation on Sustainable Operations Management at LUMS. While studying for years, about managing and optimizing businesses and economies, and addressing the technical, administrative and managerial challenges that incur in these businesses, she noticed that a large gap that exists in the theory and practice of most production businesses in the developing countries. This gap can potentially be reduced by the usage and implementation of a carefully crafted business strategy, and optimizing the structural and infrastructural decisions associated with it.  “Sustainable instruments” was founded to do just that.

The core value upon which the company rests is that of “sustainability”, which has the core objective of maximizing the welfare of all the stakeholders (including customers, employees and suppliers) involved in a business, the planet, and its share holders. The founders of Sustainable instruments are heavily inspired by the lean and green Japanese manufacturing techniques and believe in setting high standards of their suppliers and then helping them achieve them. The firm takes pride in its management team and highly skilled workforce (endowment for the Sialkot, Pakistan region industrial cluster), and more so, in its friendly, cordial, mutually advantageous and transparent relationship with its employees. It also takes pride in its intensive but at the same time selective information sharing and close contact with its suppliers, which in turn reflects in the high quality of the products produced by the firm.

The firm has separate departments for each of its processes. Strict quality checks from forging to the final packing of the product ensures only top quality instruments are being produced.

We at sustainable instruments, all have a “kaizen/continuous improvement” mindset, and we believe that there are enormous potential gains that can be exploited, with mutually advantageous joint value creation with our suppliers, customers and employees. We take quality and customer satisfaction very seriously, and have optimized most of our production operations to deliver quality while meeting our cost targets. We hope to continue improving along similar lines, to a point where the gap between the potential and the realized, for the entire value chain is closed.

We take pride of our wide range of products. Please, refer to the catalogue uploaded on the website to see the complete range of products we offer.

Certifications and achievements:

“Sustainable instruments” is the proud holder of both, CE Mark, as well as ISO 9001:2015 quality certifications. It is currently working on acquiring the ISO 14000 for environmental compliance too.


Our aim is customer satisfaction by providing them quality products, prompt services and in time deliveries.

We are fully equipped to manufacture wide range of quality surgical and dental instruments. We will continue to strive to improve quality of our products and ask ourselves, “How can we do it better”.

To achieve the heights and peaks of everlasting success, we are providing our valued customers the quality products, timely services and related technical services. The satisfaction of our customers as well as our employees is a major part of our mission.

We are delighted to bring you our latest catalogue. This catalogue is just one part of our dynamic program of worldwide growth and expansion aimed at delivering quality products and services.


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